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Resilient supply chains

Global, lean, short lead-time cost efficient supply chains are vulnerable. A crisis may hit the supply of products and it can also hurt the service operations and cut off spares supply.

Typically the company’s safety officers must take excellent care of analyzing and mitigating functional risks that are linked e.g. with individual facilities or IT. But often it may not be just a single function, facility, country or a component, or not even a single company, which triggers a potential crisis – it could rather be an interaction of few seemingly innocent or distant issues happening simultaneously. Even worse, when there is no systematic open communication mechanism between the company and its business partners, a crisis may unnecessarily escalate due to misunderstandings between unfamiliar people.

Benneter can help you to analyze and mitigate your global supply chain risks, and to establish systematic communication processes with your partners and create more resilient supply chain solutions.


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